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Wild Bird Care

From Feeders and Seeds to Nesting Boxes

Feeding wild birds is recommended all year round to support our feathered friends during their busy lives.
At Yarnton Nurseries we have an extensive choice of food available to suit the different requirements needed for the changing seasons, complimenting bird’s instinct for natural food.Mealworms are high in protein, good for sustaining birds throughout the breeding season. Seeds provide energy and nutrition, no mess and nyger are particularly popular during the spring and summer months. Suet and fat products are a recommended fuel for all year round. Peanuts have high oil and fibre which is favoured in our colder spells of weather, to build body fat. Water is essential for both drinking and bathing giving optimal health and should always be available.

At Yarnton we also have a wide range of feeders, stations and tables to create enticing dining areas in your garden, including ranges from Tom Chambers, Chapelwood and The Nuttery.

Wildlife Products
Attract Bees, Butterflies, Mammals and Amphibians to Live and Hibernate in your Garden. We stock several types of housing for solitary and social bees, we rely on bees to pollinate our plants and increase our stocks. Butterflies are also pollinators. Hedgehog houses provide a safe heaven for your cheapest pest controller, coming out only at night to eat up slugs, snails, caterpillar’s millipedes and the odd earwig. There is a selection of housing for some of our more intriguing mammals and amphibians such as dormice, bats, frogs and toads. Ladybird towers, bug boxes and even a solar light theatre keep our beneficial insects close by when we need rid of aphids that can ruin our precious specimens. Included in the range is a more specialist bird care range of which we include a choice few, including the wildlife cameras so you may watch what’s happening outside from the comfort of your own armchair.

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