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Stuart Mabbutt | Is it hiding in plain sight?

Ever wondered where colour goes in winter or where it comes from in spring?

Is it hiding away or staring at us in plain sight?

Maybe it actually does disappear at some times of the year?

A philosophical start to another article but something I’ve been thinking about recently as we emerge from the long, cold, dark days of winter to the long, warm, bright days of spring.

The colour palette may seem less varied, obvious or in your face in winter but there is still plenty out there. On a windy winter day, the bramble patch varies from shades of green to bronze as the breeze passes through. The underside of the leaves flash silver if you care to look and see.

Now the colour is appearing in the spring distance like an old friend appearing off a steam train and walking towards us in the mist on the railway platform.

Stop for a moment and question.

Where has the colour been for so long?

What is colour?

What processes are in place to make the colours we actually see?

Do we all see colour in the same way at the same time?

These reflections have led me to realise that no matter how familiar we get with our own wildlife gardens, some mysteries and surprises always remain. Like during a walk in the woods or an African safari, we have no idea what wonders Mother Nature will present to us around the next corner or on our own doorstep.

So your challenge today is to take a philosophical walk around your own garden and see what you find.

Happy Gardening


Stuart Mabbutt

Wildlife Gardening Specialist