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Advice & Tips

To Do This Month


Temperatures are rising and the days are longer, - it’s time to take pleasure from your garden during the days and evenings, - the longest day being 21st June.

• Feed local wildlife – hedgehogs, and fresh water for the birds, both for drinking and bathing - fledgling food for young birds, or kibbled peanuts/ any fine seed, suet in the morning or late at night
• Now threat of frost has passed - plant out summer bedding, Hang up summer baskets, and position containers outside
• Hanging baskets and containers need watering daily, - twice a day if it gets hot, best done early morning or later in the evening.
• Mow lawns at least once a week, and add the clippings to your compost heap
• Edge the lawn to keep it looking neat
• Sow sweet peas in pots, (soak the first in tepid water) to help with germinatio
• Harvest lettuce, radish, early potatoes, strawberries
• Hoe borders regularly to keep down weeds
• Pinch out side-shoots on tomatoes, to encourage the fruits to form on the main stem, and maybe plant either marigolds or basil to help avoid whitefly
• Shade greenhouses to keep them cool and prevent scorching
• Plant out courgettes, squash, sweetcorn now the risk of frost has passed
• Stake and support tall flowering plants
• Plant out runner beans, French beans, peas
• Lift and divide over-crowded clumps of bulbs once the leaves have started to yellow -bluebells and snowdrops and replant the divided bulbs for more colour next year
• Pick sweet peas to encourage more to flower
• Continue to earth up potatoes
• Start to prune any cherry or plum trees
• Turn to compost in compost bins to help keep aerated
• Protect delphiniums, lilly and hostas from slugs and snails
• Spray roses to protect from pests and diseases
• Spread mulch around plants to retain moisture
• Sow outdoors – beetroot, carrots, courgettes, French beans, lettuce, marrow, peas, pak choi, pumpkins, radish, runner beans, salad leaves, sweetcorn and turnips.
• Give your wooden garden furniture a facelift
• Water crops in grow-bags and pots daily
• Cover strawberries with netting to protect ripening fruits from the birds
• Apply a combined weed, feed and mosskiller
• Pick Sweet peas as soon as they flower, to encourage more blooms
• Start to prune Cherry and Plum trees
• Use water butt rainwater to water your plants
• Most of all – enjoy your garden! – The days are longer, and the weather warmer.