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Stuart Mabbutt | The Ebb And Flow

Short and sweet is my contribution this time, but I hope you relished what I consider a pretty good Spring, weather wise. Plenty of hot days, but with enough of the wet stuff to keep plants flourishing in the garden.

Just lately though we’ve had some heavy and protracted thunder storms and heavy rain. Flash floods even.

I‘ve written before about how I’m transfixed by rain. The journey each droplet of water makes, and its merging into uncountable other raindrops in those deluges.

The rain has often been so heavy, young birds must have been washed clear out of the nests that seem to be everywhere this year. Other garden wildlife would have been decimated by the heavy storms too.

That said, a lot of what we call ‘pests’ have been washed away and a fresh flush of plant growth has emergent, which is a substantial habitat.

So, through those storms that I’ve been enjoying, I’ve come to fully appreciate the ebb and flow of life in wildlife gardens. Life and death in comparable measure. Its all part of the master plan, the bigger picture, life.

Lets all get out then and enjoy it the best ways we can.

Happy Gardening

Stuart Mabbutt

Wildlife Gardening Specialist.

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