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Advice & Tips

To Do This Month

If you have a veg or fruit patch, you will be reaping the rewards of your hard work over the past few months. Enjoy the remaining warmth while you can!

• Dead-head baskets, troughs regularly to encourage more blooms
• Feed plants in troughs, baskets
• Raise the cutting height on your lawnmower
• Feed and weed your lawn
• Plant new perennials
• Plant spring-flowering bulbs, such as daffodils, crocus, hyacinths.
• Dig up any remaining potatoes, to prevent any slug damage spoiling them
• Collect seeds from any perennials or hardy annuals
• Net any ponds before leaves begin to fall
• Divide herbaceous perennials
• Wash out and top up birdbaths regularly
• Trim hedges and laurels
• Fill any gaps in the borders with Chrysanthemums or Sedum to extend colour in your garden
• Plant spring bedding, - such as sweet williams, pansies and wallflowers
• Harvest onions, dry and store in plant trays, old net bags or plait into strings
• Create compost bins for dead plant material over the coming months – Don’t compost any plant material that is diseased, the spores may remain in the compost and re-infect your plants
• Continue to dead-head flowers to head pre-long flowering
• Help any pumpkins ripen, by removing any leaves that shadow them, if possible raise them off the ground and rest on straw, or wood to prevent them rotting
• Clean out greenhouses, cloches so they are ready for next year
• Plant prepared hyacinth bulbs in pots or glasses for Christmas flowering
• Remove any crops that have finished and clear away any weeds, to leave your plot clear and tidy
• Spread any newly dug potatoes out for a few hours to enable them to dry out, before storing in either paper or hessian sacks. Store in a cool, dark place – only store undamaged, disease free potatoes, - one rotten one can ruin the whole crop
• Think about which bulbs you would like in the spring – now is the time to plant them
• Sow sweet peas in the greenhouse of a cold frame for early summer blooms next year
• Its’ a good time to plant new perennials, as the soil is warm and moisture levels are increasing
• Collect leaves as they fall, build a leaf store from chicken wire and wooden posts and use to store or a plastic bag to make leaf mould
• Leave any sunflower heads for the birds to feed on
• Rake any moss and thatch from your lawns
• If you have fruit trees, place grease bands around them to prevent pests from crawling up the tree and destroying the fruit